Independent Pediatric Collaborative of Long Island

Keeping Private Pediatric Practice Alive.

More White Coats & Less Suits in leadership roles.

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Meet the Affiliated Practices of the Medical Neighborhood

Managing a pediatric practice today is hard. but You don’t have to do it alone

Regain control of your private practice while delivering the best quality care possible to the children of Long Island.

"Private Pediatricians perform well in quality measures, put them together, pool their private practice expertise and leverage their collective mass, then they can provide major good for their medical neighborhood and maybe even save a medical buck!."
George Rogu M.D. CPE
CEO of Independent Pediatric Collaborative of Long Island

Pediatric-ONLY measures that we can manage

The difference between a Pediatric-only CIN and a ordinary IPA is that we will monitor measures that we can control and/or do something about. We will not be involved in the adult-only Internal Medicine measures that are usually focused upon at the IPA level but generally not met. These IPAs frequently have only one or two Pediatric-specific measures and just as a formality.

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Pediatric ONLY Measures that we can manage
Critical Mass Benefits

leverage large group benefits

Use the power of numbers to maintain a critical mass. With this, you can secure deep discounts on health and malpractice insurance and medical supply purchases

remain Independent


By joining our CIN, you can help to change the financial health and build the medical landscape for the children of Long Island – without selling your practice to a hospital or ACO. And you will still practice under your own Tax ID # (TIN) for the day-to-day operations of your private office. Stay independent, because we do it better. All it’ll take is for you to collaborate with your fellow community Pediatricians to continue to provide superior Pediatric care.

Continue to Practice Private Pediatric Medicine

fall in love with private practice once again

Achieving Quality Targets

We are able to manage the Pediatric-specific measures because the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is engrained in Pediatric training and was born from Pediatric Medicine.

Learning from Experience

Many of our member practices have already demonstrated high quality care and they are eager to share what they have learned so that you may also be successful.

Pediatric Medical Neighborhood

Long Island needs to take care of its children. We have great Pediatric private practices and a Pediatric Urgent Care* within our network. Working together, we can help our patients have an optimal medical experience during stressful times in their lives.

Transformative Solutions

Connect with other like-minded physicians and transform your practice into an Independent Pediatric private practice of the future. .

More Flexible Medical Model

Hospital systems, large networks and ACOs will tell you that you must change from your TIN to theirs. With IPCLI, each practice operates under their own TIN using their particular office’s day-to-day activities. No need to change your office's workflows to fit their square poeg into a round hole process. We only share clinical data.

Keep your EHR

Hospitals and ACOs will tell you that you will need to abandon your current EHR and use theirs in order to be able to perform the mandatory population health activities. We are the exact opposite - we want you to use whatever works and whatever you are comfortable and/or familiar with. We have technology that can connect data from different EHR systems and present it in a visual clinical dashboard.

The IPCLI culture is to help facilitate the sharing of business, operational and clinical resources that will improve each practice’s ability to meet the clinical performance goals pursued by today’s medical climate.

It has never been easier to “play in the big leagues”. Preserve the private practice you built and become a leader in this New World of Medicine.

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